Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Plaster Fun-Houses!

Howdy! I'm just popping by to show you these little houses I made out of clay.
We are currently doing some trend boards at work and I decided that I would get my hands dirty.

Reminded me of the days I use to go to the 'Plaster Fun House' around the corner and you could spend hours in there painting your unicorns or money banks.

I'm feeling a new addiction coming on, I'm thinking I might make a few little bird houses for my Christmas tree... any other ideas on what I could make?


  1. Yeah...me one :D They are awesome Rach, I didn't realise you made them!!! They would be a good thing to sell on Etsy - HELLO!

    1. Good idea Liz, i should! Really need to get organised and get some stuff together so i can fill my Etsy store - its sitting there empty at this stage. Yours is filling up though. you've been doing some great stuff!

  2. SO CUTE!! I do love them! Are you thinking of painting them? Maybe a letterbox could be cool. x

  3. So cute Rach! I used to love plasta fun house too! he he :)