Monday, April 30, 2012

Loving Instagram!

Me, along with a million other people are obsessed with Instagram! I love it because it is a simple way to jazz up your photos. I now find myself taking happy snaps of everyday items that I usually wouldn't just because i know they will make a fab Instagram photo. So if you wish to join me on Instagram it's as easy as downloading the program onto you phone! check it out!

and check out my photos...




Yours truly


Stuff n Nonsense


If you would like to follow me on my Instagram adventure, my account name is rachaeljackson84.


  1. So pretty! A little bit jealous that your pic of brunswick street with the picture of a lady with the bicylce in front is better then mine... Maybe I'll just pretend I took it :p

    1. lol. i wouldn't have that shot if it wasn't for you :) So i should give you special mention.... Besides your shot looks the same, i just went with a orange filter...Glowy! Was sooo great hanging out with you. xo

  2. They are great Rach! I am loving instagram too! All my pics are of Skyla so it's a bit boring for everyone else. I need to find a different subject to photograph!!! Maybe some craft projects :D