Friday, June 24, 2011

Room Reno

Inspired by 'The Block' I'm doing a quick makeover on my master bedroom.
I've painted one wall a lovely shade of warm grey, and the same colour has been painted on the back of a white cabinet on the opposite wall. So to jazz up the wall above the cabinet I have found some old black frames and have colour adjusted some of my photos to suit my colour scheme of white, warm grey, browns and black. Should turn out perfectly. Now all I need is something for over my bed. I'm thinking a long landscape mirror, because I'm thinking if i do a painting or get a photo blown up, it might be to much for the room. What do you think?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Back from my adventure!

Hi All. I've been neglecting my blog due to... MY HOLIDAY!
My sis and I went on an adventure to Singapore and a few places in Malaysia.
So I Thought I would post a few pics to show you where I've been and what wonderful things I've seen...

First up, we headed of to Singapore...
Where we found the famous Raffles Hotel, The National Orchid Garden, The Singapore flyer (bigger then the London Eye), Stunning Gardens with amazing Stone Carvings and went for a long walk around Marina bay at night.
We also went to Little India and went On a Night Safari, where amongst seeing lots of animals we had some friendly fishes clean our feet :)

Next off to Kuala Lumpar...
We ventured out to the Batu caves one day. Guarded by the golden statue the 273 steps up to the Caves were totally worth it. We stayed at the Traders Hotel, and had an amazing view of the Patronas Towers. They love there God like statues in KL and have some intricate work in their 'ancient' architecture.
We visited KL tower and looked out on the entire city, attended the must see night markets and even went to the Bird Park, Worlds largest free flight walk-in aviary.

Next up, Sabah...
Our first stop for some much needed rest and relaxation. Staying at the Shangri-La, right on the beach was a blessing. Such a beautiful place and lucky for us the Orangoutang rehabilitation sanctuary was right next-door. Its great to see the Orangoutangs in their natural habitat and we were lucky enough to see the baby too. We headed out by boat to a couple of islands for some snorkeling where some naughty lil fish kept biting us.

Last stop, Langkawi...
Time to whind down and do some serious swimming. At our beautiful pool or in the warm ocean waves, and at a fresh water lake hidden amongst the treey mountains on one of Langkawis' 99 islands. A cable car ride up a mountain to see amazing views of Langkawi. Lots of monkeys, Eagles and of course Cocktails!!!

Fun's over! Now I'm back to work with a brain that's still in holiday mode. Lucky its a long weekend this weekend. Pity its Melbourne weather and not Malaysian though :(