Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Curiouser in Wonderland

Introducing my new blog...

I have joined forces with my wonderfully talented friend Heather Peters over at Inkysplatter, to create a blog dedicated to the wonderful Alice who visited Wonderland all those years ago.

We will be sharing our knowledge and any curious bits and pieces we find along the way, such as reviewing Alice books, Movies and cartoons, Craft and of course our own illustrations of Alice's adventure.

Heather and I are two Melbourne Illustrators and Designers with a passion for all things Alice. We met while studying a Diploma of Illustration and bonded over our love of Alice, which has also lead to a joint Alice exhibition that we will be having mid next year.

So if you are curious about all things Alice, then join the teaparty over at Curiouser in Wonderland. We would love to have you. xo

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