Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The beginning of something great

I thought i would share with you the very beginning of my work going toward an exhibition I plan to have with my good friend Heather over at inkysplatter and co-blogger or curiouserinwonderland.

I'm very excited to be taking my graphic designer hat off for a while and my illustration cap back on. So much that I spent a hefty amount of pennies at Riot Art last week, stocking up on art supplies.

Hope you are liking what you see,
I'm not 100% finished, but feedback is always appreciated.

As much as i hated it, i ripped up an Alice in Wonderland golden book to collage
the beginning of this piece. Using acrylics to add final details at the moment.
Not 100% sure if it needs something to fill the area to the top left of the canvas.
 Does it need something? Any suggestions?

I'm very happy with the direction this small canvas is taking.
Titled the Hatter and the Hare, it is painted with vibrant acrylics and has a part two
which will sit beneath part 1 containing their bodies.
But ill save the pairs reveal for the exhibition :)

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  1. They are looking fabulous Rach. Can't it to see them finished! Let me know when you have the exhi - I would like to come down :D Ps I don't think the left corner needs anything because you have the title there.