Monday, July 18, 2011

Things I want from Danita on ETSY

I'm sure I'm not the only one out there that just loves Danita's collection on ETSY.
I though I would show you the things that I just must have...
because I love them sooo much.

These lil dolls are too cute! The only thing is that they are out of my price range.
$185.00 They are worth every penny but I really shouldn't buy them :(

Alice And The White Rabbit

Alice And The White Rabbit

These pieces are available as prints. Which is a great way of getting some fantastic artwork at a fraction of the cost. And in a beautiful frame they will look a million dollars.



Me And My Lion


Jewelry! What more does a girl want. These are so funky, I love them to bits. 'The heart' necklace is my fav, followed ever so closely buy 'Leonard the Owl' ring.

A fox - Original Gunmetal Beaded Jewelry Bracelet

The heart--- Original Handmade Necklace

Leonard the owl - Handmade brass plated Round Ring


  1. I love Danita too! So, so cute. Did you see the 'Day of the Dead' print framed in my study? I could so go back and buy more.

  2. I did see it Liz! We were all looking at the great artworks you had hanging around. Thats kinda what made me want to buy some, and all the ones I like have red in them, which will go great in my study. Fingers crossed I get some for my Bday :) Hope you and Bub are well. See you soon xo

  3. These are gorgeous! Lollies for the eyes!