Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We have a winner.... Sara Lynn

Congratulations to Sara who posted Mary Blair as her favorite artist. Sara is an illustrator, a vegetarian, and a librarian-in-training. She enjoys children's books and would someday like to write and illustrate her own (as would I). She also enjoys toys, making bread, and watching Disney movies (as do I).

Thanks to everyone who loved my Paulie enough to enter.

Now here is a little about Sara's chosen artist Mary Blair....

Mary Blair was a concept artist and colour stylist at Disney, working on films such as The Three Caballeros, Peter Pan, Cinderella, and Alice In Wonderland (no wonder I love her too).

After retiring from Disney she became a freelance artist doing advertisements, book illustration, and paintings. She was eventually called to come back so she could design the famous theme park attraction, It’s A Small World.

Mary Blair’s whimsical style is still an influence for many young artists.

Her work contributed to the films that children still know and love. She helped break the glass ceiling that barred women from moving up in animation-related fields.

Just a beautiful style of illustration.

Thanks again Sara for sharing your favorite artist with us. I'll be sure to send Paulie on his way to you. If not before Christmas, he'll be on his way in the New Year.

Please be sure to visit Sara's blog and her etsy store.


  1. These illustrations are so whimsical and dreamy, it's like staring into a different world, I think my favourite is the one with the reindeers and sleigh. Mary Blair's artwork is fantastic :)

  2. These are so fun!! very smart idea with the chandelier and the roots of the tree collaboration! ;)

    drop by and follow! :)

  3. Oh my goodness! I am so excited - thank you so very much!

    (Also, what an awesome post on Mary Blair - I will be sure to share this on twitter and my blog!)

  4. These piece are so familiar to me! I must have seen them before. They are just so great!! Thank you for sharing Mary Blair's illustrations!